Feb 28, 2007

Books From Murphy Design

Mark Murphy is a talented designer originally from Cleveland. He is promoting some art books that look very cool.

Feb 27, 2007

Major Companies in Ohio

Fortune 500 companies in Ohio: Turns out I've done work for 8 of them. So far.

Weatherhead 100 companies are those of notable growth and entrepreneurialism. Quite an impressive list of local business. (2006 winners listed here.)

TravelCleveland.com has some good Cleveland population / economic info on their website.

Washington Post & Interactive Technologies

Apple did a feature on the Washington Post and how they are integrating new multi media vehicles to transmit information. I think this is a particularly excellent use of video, especially for a newspaper. They won an Emmy for the OnBeing video features. Very well done.

The Art and Design of Alberto Ceriteño

Though this is a generally a blog about design, advertising and business in Cleveland, here is some excellent work from Alberto Ceriteño, a Mexican designer / artist in Portland.

The Twisted Films of PES

These are really nice stop motion type commercials and shorts. Very cool.

Feb 26, 2007

The Great History of Euclid Avenue

Here's a great slideshow with narration about the rich history Euclid Avenue. It's really nicely done as an online documentary.

A List To Look Into

Here are some videos of major local Cleveland businesses and their managers. I wonder how many of them use local ad agencies for their advertising needs. More to come about all these and more! Stay tuned...