Mar 6, 2007

Cleveland Shots in Spider-Man 3

Yep, Spider-Man is in Cleveland! As seen in the Spider-Man 3 trailer.

Having worked in the Halle Building on Euclid Avenue at the time, I shot some video footage of the second unit film crew filming stunt scenes in Cleveland. I put together this little highlight reel video. See my whole blog diary from the filming, years ago. And you can see a couple of the downtown Cleveland shots in the trailer.

Screen shot from the trailer: this is also Cleveland!

Mar 2, 2007

Ohio Lottery piece in Dave Chappelle's movie

This point-of-purchase piece I designed for the Ohio Lottery ended up in Dave Chappelle's Block Party movie. It's also in the trailer for a brief moment. I edited it to highlight my printed piece, which was hanging in a Dayton convenience store during filming.