Jul 30, 2007

Right Brain Pros Have Abundant Future

The keynote speaker at this years HOW Conference, Daniel Pink, spoke about the future of designers in America. Here's a full interview. It's a very interesting theory in these days of diminishing jobs and booming product sales.

Jul 22, 2007

"Mad Men" Thursdays on AMC

This ad from 1960 is hilarious. Which makes this new show, "Mad Men" seem even classier in contrast. It's about an ad agency on Madison Avenue (thus the "Mad") in 1960. It's shot in film and the creator was a writer on Sopranos. Read about it. Or check out this preview:

Jul 17, 2007

Bobbing for Glasses

This bobbing for Ran-Bans video is pretty sweet. I wonder if these guys are actually doing this or if it's composited somehow.

Jul 5, 2007

Old Ads

It's amazing what a relatively short time ago these ads were created. What a drastically different culture we had back then, as demonstrated by this old print advertising.

Cans of beer actually open this easily?!

This one about VD is super funny.

Fag = Cigarette.

Doctors smoking is a great sales tool.

Eating lard makes you happy. This ad is hilarious!