Aug 23, 2007

Alex Bogusky Interview

"I think I just don't respect advertising. That doesn't mean I don't respect the people in this industry or the agencies. But I'm somewhat angry with the form in which advertising exists, imposing itself, lacking quality, being self-important and so forth. That's why I like to mess with it. And that upsets people sometimes because they like it the way it is. But I stopped being so aggressive about this. I paid a hefty price for becoming the poster boy of the “new school of advertising”. There are a lot of Crispin haters out there." -Alex Bogusky of CP+B

This is an excerpt from the interview, regarding the ad industry. I agree with Mr. Bogusky and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.I think entertaining, unexpected and slightly disruptive marketing messaging is much more effective with the consumer of today.

Aug 7, 2007

Creative Work Takes Time

"When times are busy, you might work every day for a few weeks. When times are slow, I have no problem with my staff using that time to refuel the tanks, come in at 11:00 AM, leave early, or take a long weekend."

This quote is taken from an interview with David Lubars which is great. The professional culture in the U.S. is so stressful and we work much more than those in other countries. In the creative process, time is a very important factor. Time to create work and then time to recharge in between jobs. It seems like the one day turn-around is the standard these days, which is a creative killer. Even if there are tons of jobs going on in a day, it would be best to sleep on it and return to it with fresh eyes the next day. This is a necessary step to ensure the best creative work.

File under: If I even run my own shop.