Oct 22, 2007

Nike: Spends on New Media, Less Traditional Media

"...many large marketers are taking huge chunks of money out of their budgets for traditional media and using the funds to develop new, more direct interactions with consumers — not only on the Internet, but also through in-person events." Read Whole Article

Nike is always setting advertising trends with it's brilliant brand. They are continuing by spending less on traditional media and more on events and new media, like this:

Oct 11, 2007

Jerry Seinfeld and Bee Movie on NBC

I've admired the marketing on NBC lately. The product placement during shows even mention attributes and don't skip a beat. (Including an oven from GE with microwave and convection technology featured by Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, a very funny show by Tina Fey.) But tonight during their top-notch Thursday night line-up, they were airing these Bee Movie promos featuring Jerry Seinfeld that were terrible. Just awful. They didn't even get a marketing message across. I'm assuming the programmers and crew from the movie were involved since they were so prominently displayed in the content. Hopefully the movie that Seinfeld co-wrote isn't as bad. Bad, bad, bad.