Nov 29, 2007

Networks Streaming $120 Million Worth Online

The major networks stand to receive $120 Million for streaming content which is the reason their writers are striking. The future will have even fewer shows broadcast with more available on demand from the web. Also there will be less differentiation between show content and branded content. No reason the writers shouldn't be compensated as well.

NBC's 30 Rock promotes Verizon

NBC's' 30 Rock inserts blatant Verizon Wireless product placement. I've blogged before about the seamless product integration, but this time it's as obvious (tongue in cheek) as possible. Tina Fey is way ahead of her time with great writing and honestly joking about the state of her industry with regard to advertising.

Feed The Pig : Debt & Spending Awareness

Americans spend money without control. This causes more debt than they can possibly pay off. The credit card companies and banks give no advice regarding personal well being. They would like you spend without regard. This site is a public service by the ad council to promote awareness on the subject. It offers tips and calculators to help and educate the population. It's a good idea, making the world a better place...

Nov 16, 2007