Dec 16, 2007

No Product, More Productive

America works too hard, compared to the rest of the world. The numbers are astounding. I'm a big fan of efficiency, and especially those who do their job very well. There's no better way to be successful as a nation. However, this commonplace over-working corporate culture is unhealthy for Americans. This TV spot after the Browns victory today, featured no product, just Intrigued by this marketing, I looked it up to find the advertiser. It was a teaser type of thing where later they added the big sponsored by Southwest logo. I'm still confused about the strategy of the creative concept. Is it really easy and saves time to fly Southwest? It's a bit of a stretch...

Dec 4, 2007

Successful Viral Campaigns

Creating successful viral marketing content is a challenge for creative professionals. A trend seems to be interactivity... literally. This usually involves a personal picture, uploaded and used in a branded animation, website, etc. A great example is the victory dance choreographer for Coke Zero. Their intro has amazing graphics.

Consumers seem to enjoy inserting themselves into online worlds that are fully branded and promotional. These microsites will offer entertainment value by way of games, music, video clips, etc. All the while, people are fully immersed in the branded environment. In my case, Coke's marketing often appreciated very much. But I never consume their product.

There have been some wildly successful campaigns lately. Apparently CP+B has outdone their subservient chicken records. According to Adweek, "More than 5.1 million Simpsons avatars have been created at Burger King's has outpaced the Subservient Chicken in terms of page views. It had 77 million views between July 16 and Aug. 31."