Sep 19, 2008

Cleveland Old Photo Archive

The Cleveland Memory Project and Cleveland State University have put together a great reference for old photos all from Cleveland. Pretty interesting, time machine style...

Sep 13, 2008

Marketing in Cleveland at the Race for the Cure

I wish I had brought my camera to document these tents and tactics. Some were quite well done, mostly the national sponsors of the race who spent the money to market effectively. Here are a few specific observations:

Ford Cares: Ford had a huge display including two large trailers / trucks. The designs were quite well done and it was interesting. They were giving away bandannas with this branding on it. And a guy was on a microphone explaining that all the proceeds from their merch sales would go toward fighting cancer here in NE Ohio. Very well done. (And well funded.)

Quilted Northern also had a large pink tent. They were giving away what may have been toilet paper. Kinda funny. Fuze and Yoplait also had sizable setups and were giving away product. Energizer had a large truck specifically designed for the race for the cure. It looked great. They were doing nails and giving massages at that truck reinforcing their "recharge" messaging. According to the list of national sponsors, there were other major sponsors present. But I didn't notice any others than who I've mentioned.

Some of the local sponsors include Caribou Coffee. (Delicious! I had a free one.) They weren't branded for the race at all. Neither was University Hospitals, who just had a black tent and black T-shirts with the UH Ireland Cancer Center branding on it. They were just standing under the tent. (Well, it WAS raining.) They weren't doing anything special, which was kind of odd. Just standing around. There are probably some effective & creative things that could be done at these events. Things that wouldn't require huge budgets. Starting to think that cheap, disposable marketing could be really cool...

Sep 11, 2008

ISO50 : Very Cool Designs

Awesome work by Scott Hansen in San Francisco. Including interesting details about the process of creating a Barack Obama poster. Check out these T-shirts and other sweet design: