Dec 31, 2008

Policy for Green CLE

Out of the housing crisis comes an opportunity to design a greener, cleaner Cleveland. These brilliant plans for a more sustainable Cleveland including using the available land in smart ecological ways that will help the environment and strengthen our communities. With the number of foreclosures still rising, the land creates green opportunities other than real estate.

Neighborhood Process is the organization responsible for this 36 page "Sustainable Cleveland" document. The mission statement sounds great: "The Cleveland of the future will be a smaller, greener and healthier city with bigger parks, cleaner watersheds and a growing agricultural sector."

Ohio Tax Credit for Film Industry

You may recognize some of the buildings in Spider-Man 3, from Euclid Avenue in Cleveland. Governor Strickland and the Ohio Senate vetoed a brilliant tax credit for filming in Ohio. This is potentially big business for Cleveland. Advertisers and movie studios love to film here because costs are lower with no shortage of amenities. I wrote about my experience in the industry while asking the Governor to reconsider this policy. You too can write Strickland. Video of our policy-makers is supposed to be available here, but it's the most useless site ever.

Dec 29, 2008

Coal Industry : Advertising vs Research

Highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter from Environmental Leader. They had an article about the coal industry and how much money is pumped into lobbying and advertising rather than science and research. Many industries resort to such a lopsided budget in this regard. What if it were equal parts, R&D and marketing?

Dec 12, 2008

Nice Work From Local Entrepreneurs

This fantastic local company has a great campaign message: "No One Can Do Everything. Everyone Can Do Something." Local entrepreneurs (a mother / daughter team) sell these t-shirts with great design. Great xmas gifts, no?

Dec 9, 2008

Walmart Selling a $99 iPhone

Looks like Apple wants to move more merch. Good thing the price is so low, because I wonder if Walmart shoppers would normally afford such a high end product. Remember when Walmart tried to sell high end design clothes and it bombed? Read more at AdAge.