Mar 27, 2009

Holographic or 3D Promotions

These things are amazing. They look like computer generated holograms that show up the image from a video camera hooked to your pc. This wind power advertisement from GE (for whom I used to do work) is awesome. Very fun to play with.

And this Topps (baseball card) promo is more like a game where you interact with the players. Very cool, tactile + technology viral consumer marketing.

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Mar 25, 2009

Social Media Applications

Just read an article on Adweek about recently released software which keeps tabs on all the major social networks for you. Pretty great idea, and get this: ad agencies are behind it. Fallon has a very nice looking app called Skimmer which I'm looking forward to test driving. Also, Big Spaceship, an amazing creative boutique shop, came up with Qapture. Here's to the future of our business...

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