Nov 18, 2009

Nov 15, 2009

Neighborhood Marketing Award

Received this award last week, on behalf of the planning committee for Larchmere Porchfest. We did a good deal of social media promotions as well as posters and flyers in the neighborhood. LiveCleveland!, who awarded this honor, does a nice job marketing local neighborhoods individually.



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Nov 12, 2009

Local Holiday Shopping

The brilliant environmental and graphic designers at Studio Graphique have compiled an excellent list of local shops for great creative works. Including the Bazaar Bizarre and Room Service. Definitely worth a look-see and cheers for supporting local businesses. Especially the creatives.




Nov 11, 2009

Michael Bierut This Friday

Totally recommend this event at the CIA on Friday. Michael Bierut (of Pentagram) is a design legend / library and is featured in the film Helvetica. I've heard him speak a few times. He's great and this topic couldn't be awesomer.


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Social Media Luncheon

The Cleveland Ad Club (AAF) put on a great luncheon today about brands & marketers using social media. Featuring Shawn Morton of Nationwide Insurance and David Alston of Radian6.

Think of social media less like media and more like a phone call. It's a 2-way conversation. If they haven't already, brands should hook up their phone, answer it, "Hi, how can we help you," then listen and participate in the conversation; solving problems based on public expressions. All these conversations EQUALS the brand.

Less about the 4 P's
Place: Doesn't matter much any more. Promotion: No one wants to hear brands spouting about how great they are. That one-way fluff is bad. Product: More about user experience and being remarkable. Price: More about relevance and again, user experience. Target Market: Mass marketing angers 99%.


More about the 5 C's
Content: of value, strive to be an experience innovator. For example, Nationwide sponsors Nascar, OSU sports and Tavis Smiley. And using social media, they are able to offer exclusive and relevant content to their online audience, often in real time. Whether it's autographs of Nascar drivers or an interactive game where you can dot the "i" of the OSU band script "Ohio." Valuable information can also be collected, especially offering sweepstakes, etc. Community: Includes those of similar interest. Brands must cross the barrier to live with consumers, and turn negatives into appreciative closure if not a positive. Conversation: Builds relationships, community and content, all of which add value. Collaberation: Run with bulls, not corral the cows. For example, "80% of people agree to not text while driving. What do you think?" Feedback is all relevant to the Nationwide audience. Connections: Ambient relationships grow.

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